The Pipeline to Teacher Preparation in Chemistry and Physics

Over the past decade a number of initiatives and strategies have been undertaken to fill the gap between supply and demand among certified STEM teachers. However, considerable shortfalls still remain. The need to prepare highly qualified teachers in the subjects of chemistry and physics is paramount to keep up with the demand of improving the quality of education students receive. The Pipeline to Teacher Preparation in Chemistry and Physics is a collaborative project between the College of Science and Mathematics, Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University and Cobb County School District.

The main focus of the Pipeline Program is to focus on recruitment of a diverse student population of pre-service teachers and building teacher identity. The Pipeline project is two prongs: (1) offering early classroom teaching opportunities for students to learn the foundations of education and lead a lesson and through a week-long summer camp and (2) offering a two-year scholarships to KSU juniors and seniors who complete their degree following the chemistry or physics education degree track. Additional support will be provided to Noyce scholarship recipients through monthly meetings with local educators, travel funds to attend local or national education conferences, and funds to classroom supplies. Please click on the related tabs to view more detailed information about each facet of the program.

The Pipeline to Teacher Preparation in Chemistry and Physics program will be co-directed by Dr. Michelle Dean, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Education at KSU and Dr. David Rosengrant, Associate Professor of Physics Education at KSU. Assistance to this program will be provided by Dr. Greg Rushton, Associate Professor of Chemistry at KSU and Dr. Charlease Kelly-Jackson, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education.